Ration is in Fashion

Ration is in Fashion: Portion Control

It’s all well and good that we live in a country where food is plentiful, but our portion distortion is downright absurd. How is it okay to go to a restaurant and be served an entire chicken as an entree? We are not mammoths. You will be downright SHOCKED to find out what a USDA serving of food looks like.

Now, you may be entitled to bigger/smaller portions than these based on your age, weight, height, medical history, activity level, gender, etc. THAT’S why you need Essence Nutrition to see EXACTLY how much of each food group you should be eating per day. Good thing I can eyeball an ounce of almonds with 100% accuracy. Life skills.

Click here to see the official portions for all of the food groups. Don’t like what you see? Make an appointment, we’ll sort it out.

BIG applause to Thrive Market for posting this. I bow to thee!!

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Featured image via Thrive Market.