Swap ‘Til You Drop

Smart Food Swamps

The wheatgrass is always greener on the other side, and sometimes you just wish you had things differently. Sometimes, actually, ALL times, dietitians know what foods are better choices and should be replaced with something better. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you to rely on when to save you from a choice that isn’t #essenceapproved:

  • Use SWEET POTATOES instead of BUTTER. True life: this works. You give yourself Vitamin A and rid yourself of some bad fat, dairy, and sadness. Use 1 cup pureed sweet potato per stick of butter.
  • Use CHICKPEAS instead of CROUTONS. Toast ‘em up and sprinkle ‘em on your salads and be thankful you weren’t just legit using STALE BREAD EW on your edible garden.
  • Use BUTTERNUT SQUASH and CAULIFLOWER as a PIZZA CRUST base. Seriously, this works, and it’s even more flavorful than white flour pizza, not to mention you are getting rid of yucky white carbohydrate and replacing it with superfood (cue trumpets blaring)
  • Use CACAO NIBS instead of CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Yes, they still have sugar but at least they are medicinal AF and are getting some antioxidants, minerals like magnesium, and the same intense chocolatey flavor.
  • Use BUCKWHEAT GROATS instead of OATMEAL. Okay, I adore oatmeal, but sometimes aren’t they getting a little overplayed? Buckwheat is a complex gluten-free grain (yesm it says “wheat” in it – little misnomer) with tons of soluble fiber, B vitamins, and a nutty flavor. Go BUCK wild sometimes.
  • Use COCONUT FLOUR instead of BREADCRUMBS. Bye bye, superfluous starch, hello – tropical crunch to your baked chickens, fish, and veggies. Gluten-free, practically carbohydrate-free, and #essenceapproved.
  • Use PEA GUACAMOLE instead of TRADITIONAL GUACAMOLE. Again, I’m obviously not an avo hater, but it’s nice to spice it up sometimes by mashing up some peas with mint, olive oil, parsley, sea salt, pepper, and maybe some red pepper flakes. You will amaze your friends with your innovation and dose of Vitamin K and folic acid. All we are ssaaayiinnggg, is give peas a chanceeee.

I’ve practiced all these dietitian life hacks personally, so feel free to join me in the kitchen anytime. We can cook together in your own kitchen while we chat about nutrition (and I can keep this rhyme going, I suppose). Buzz me: 305-280-1316.

Essentially Yours,