A Story of Transformation

Starting a fitness plan is one of the hardest things to do. You can comb the ClassPass menu for hours, book, and even pay, but until you show up; change doesn’t ACTUALLY happen. And then, you have to do it again! And again! The struggle is real!

A positive health transformation often involves an uphill struggle with yourself massive, dedication, and infinite patience. Nutrition change is S-L-O-W. Let’s delve closer into an Essence Nutrition friend’s satisfying journey: British actress Lisa Riley. (Oh, you didn’t know we have friends across The Pond?)

Lisa Riley is best known for playing Mandy Dingle in the hit ITV soap opera Emmerdale. She recently made celebrity – and even fitness – news headlines for dropping from a UK size 30 to size 14 within a year. Today, Riley is showing astonishing results of her life-changing journey on social media, as well as sharing with the public her secrets to success. Behind this ‘fitspiration’ – so to speak – is Lisa Riley’s father, Terry, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2015. It was one of the significant moments that changed her outlook, especially after losing her mother to cancer just a few years before.

Like Essence Nutrition’s philosophy, Lisa Riley feels that everyone is different and they need to get the right eating plan that suits them. What’s also worked for her is putting in the hours at the gym and sweating it out on the dance floor. Riley reportedly lost 56 pounds after her stint in the 2012 edition of Strictly Come Dancing – where she placed fourth. From there, she conquered her self-doubts and was well on her way to greater, healthier grounds. Plus, dance is fun and makes for really hilarious Snapchat moments.

The reality dance competition kickstarted Lisa Riley’s road to fitness, which prompted her to abandon alcohol. Although she isn’t completely closing her doors on alcohol, there’s one thing she’s taking off the table: carbs. While guesting on Loose Women, the 39-year-old soap star said she only eats carbs whenever she needs them and revealed how she eats smaller meal portions – all before the clock hits 6:30pm.

Since Lisa Riley became a staunch advocate of fitness on her various social media accounts, it was inevitable to have her fair share of critics who accuse her of having cosmetic surgeries. However, she was quick to shove these rumors aside, and claim everything is a result of hard work. It also helped that the Manchester-born actress went on a seven-day retreat at Slimmeria boot camp, where she learned proper health strategies and healthy eating habits. We ADORE health retreats, like Sheila Kelley’s Body Love (www.sfactor.com).

Being a soap celebrity may have helped as well. Riley’s show, Emmerdale, has penetrated the mobile app industry with ITV’s iTunes streaming program and a 90-ball bingo room on Gala Bingo. With this, Lisa Riley doesn’t exist on social media, she serves as an fitness and nutrition inspiration to an international audience. As humans, we like to live and learn by example. Lisa’s journey is certainly #essenceapproved, and exemplifies the power of proper nutrition care in maintaining an impressive weight loss.

*This blog was written as a guest post.