Find Your Spirit Vegetable

I LOVE metaphors. I’m a closeted Linguistics major (yep, then I also tracked for Nutrition WHILE minoring in French AND Teaching English as a Second Language.. Glutton for punishment) so my clients know I love love love to compare nutrition situations in poetic ways.

Here are some of my Monica / Essence Nutrition classics:

  1. You are a farmer (Overalls are SO in this season). Build a vegetable garden at lunch and dinner (this one gets REAL elaborate)
  2. Vary your fruit/vegetable/nut/seed/bean intake. Pretend like you’re having a party, and you want to invite all different kinds of people.
  3. No one ever complained about weight gain from eating “too much” fruit. If they did, they were wrong.
  4. Give peas a chance (everyone always avoids peas! Why?! Pea guacamole for the win!)
  5. Your metabolism is a campfire. Logs are meals. Twigs are snacks. (See here: SNACKS ON SNACKS ON SNACKS)
  6. Balance. Some days we eat escarole, some days we eat almond croissants.
  7. If your great-grandmother wouldn’t have recognized the food product, don’t eat it. Reference: my Eastern European grandmother versus a Nutri-Grain bar.
  8. Get up at work in the office and go yell at your boss (in an effort to get more movement in your day).
  9. Notice how toddlers will leave, like, two grapes on their plate and proclaim they are done eating? Intuitive Eating 101!
  10. Last, but certainly not least, #eatlikemadeleine. Wag your tail (be happy) while eating, appreciate every moment, and always greet every day and every meal with a big, tongues out, smile.

Also, just for fun, here’s a spirit vegetable quiz.

For the record, I am an indigo-rose tomato.