For All of You Who ‘Hate’ Water


Stur It Up… Little Darlin’.. Stur It Up

You know who you are. The people who don’t feel thirst, who think water tastes gross and even induces nausea, and who may be part camel, as you can go an entire day and drink half a water bottle and feel hydrated. Secret: I AM ONE OF YOU. I’m honestly not sure if it’s genetic (my grandmother was the same way), psychologically conditioned, or some kind of true biochemical abnormality. Whatever it is, it’s really painful for us to meet our hydration goal. Sixty-four ounces a day seems impossible.

I’ve spent years searching for a flavored water, a non-lethal artificial sweetener, herbs, ANYTHING that would make my water not taste like… water. In college, it was Crystal Light , La Croix, and Diet Coke. In grad school, when I had more time on my hands than G-d, I would actually chop up citrus fruits and herbs and steep it into a carafe with water every Sunday. This only made water taste slightly less like… blech. I tried herbal teas, which are nice, but then I end up wondering if I’m overdoing it on herbs (this is nutritionally possible) and if they’re interacting with my medications (again, possible). Plus organic tea is an expensive habit. I all but gave up.

Hark – a solution exists. It’s name is Stur. And yes, in my dietitian punny mind, it lends me to apply Bob Marley’s lyrics like so:
Stur It Up… Little Darlin’.. Stur It Up

Stur is an all natural water flavorer… the little packets of my dreams. NO artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, and it tastes like heaven. There’s coconut (three varieties – what a time to be alive), fruit flavors (acai ‘til I die), black cherry, citrus, and more. Zero grams of sugar. Zero calories. Just… flavor. And love.

The water has been flowing into my life like a hydration cascade. I’m ENJOYING drinking now. Not to mention, they flavor cocktails nicely with zero guilt. You’ll forget you ever hated water.

I’ve gotten very creative, in true dietitian fashion, and even flavored my oatmeal with the coconut variety.

Bottoms up, y’all.

Essentially Yours,