Power Your Essence Program to the Fullest

I want YOU to succeed so we need to discuss expectations – YOURS and MINE.


I will be your Mentor, Your Cheerleader, Your GURU and hold your hand the entire time. I will be your ROCK of SUPPORT. But like Oprah once said, “That’s MY big butt running around that track, not my trainer’s”. It is VERY hard WORK.

Let’s be clear about what you/re getting yourself into when you enroll in Essence Nutrition because it is not for everyone. You need to be HONEST with yourself.

  • Is NOW the perfect time to make make serious changes in your life?
  • Is NOW the time that  you feel MOTIVATED?

If it is not NOW, to COMMIT to change, make that OKAY. 

Please do NOT waste your money and both our time because this is expensive and time consuming for both of us. I do not want you to pay me hundred of dollars and then tell people ‘”It didn’t work for me”. I guarantee it WILL work if your COMMIT and FOCUS on making daily life CHANGES.

You WILL know deep inside when you are really ready and not just “I’ll pay someone to do all the work for me”. 

Essence Nutrition is not a typical “Here’s your Meal Plan, Eat 1400 calories a day, Exercise and drink water”. I do not want you to just go through the motions of “I’m seeing an RD and eating less and exercising a little more”. That will NOT meet your goals. 

This program is like taking an advanced Nutrition Course where if you don’t get an A+, eventually, you WILL fail. You will even be assigned books to read. And I am not in the business of seeing clients who fail. I thrive on success.

A Healthy Lifestyle is like a religion to me. I study and practice it every single day of my life because I’ve seen it work for hundreds of people and run around Miami doing events because I genuinly want EVERYONE to feel good about themselves. Most of all, if you dont succeed then I don’t succeed and I do not like to fail.  I am determined to help YOU meet your goals so you can feel better about yourself.

How will we both succeed?

You will need to absolutely 100% COMMIT to CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFESTYLE. 

We will personalize a lifestyle that works for YOU. You will change your relationship with food and still eat foods that you enjoy. 

You will have so many choices of so much delicious food to eat that you will never feel deprived. You can still eat so much of the food you enjoy.

You will learn new products to buy, make better choices, new easy meals to prepare, new spices to use, maybe change the time of day that you eat. And yes, you will feel satiated and have less cravings when you eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.

You will feel better every day by eating CLEAN: no processed foods, no white food, less red meat, less dairy, less sugar and learning to add foods that are good for you like chia, hemp, and flax seeds. Salmon once a week. Quinoa. Avocados, etc.

You will learn to love new products and brands.You will no longer experience “Amnesia Eating” while standing, driving, watching TV. You will be mindful and enjoy every bite.

There will be a learning curve. At first, grocery shopping will take twice as long because you are unfamiliar and learning a new language. Ordering better choices from menus will be challenging. I promise this will pass.

At first, incorporating more strenuous exercise into your life will be a hardship. After a few weeks, you will feel lousy when you DON’T exercise. And we will figure out creative ways to squeeze it in. Besides Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, etc Run up and down a staircase for 2 minutes. Walk your dog for 30 minutes. Dance to your favorite music. No more elevators. You will FOCUS on moving more.

I will lay out a foundation of perfect eating and exercise. You will NOT be able to do it all. But you must COMMIT to doing at least SOME percentage (15? 20? 30?) to start and work up to it. It will be scary only at the beginning. And then it will be one of the most exciting and satisfying experience of your life.

And when you are about to give up and feel like you are failing, you will make it OKAY to go back at the next opportunity. Because you will say to yourself about your old, original lifestyle before you came to me, and ask yourself, “Was I happy?”

My job is to EMPOWER you, to educate you, guide you and motivate you and

provide a doable solution to all your challenges. Everyone could use a weekly “fix”. That’s why regular sessions keep you accountable. Otherwise, everyone would just see me ONCE, and go on their merry way, incorporating every single thing we discussed seamlessly. We aren’t robots – that’s unrealistic. HELP me to HELP you. Be honest with me. Candid. Forthcoming. Truthful, but not critical. Together – we can make your life change!