Best In Class: Silent Snacks


As someone who was perpetually a student (at least, it felt like it) and who now serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, it compels me to tell you that I was/am a MASTER at eating in class. When classes are marathons (hours and hours on end), the worst thing you can do is spill out of a 9 PM class and run to Wendy’s. Coming to class prepared with an arsenal of food is a mark of pride, and bonus points for choosing foods that aren’t offensively loud or stinky. However, I never had any shame eating #tunaonaplane because I will get my omega-3s no matter what. Because CIVIL RIGHTS.

Here’s a list of class snack hack ideas, most of which are quiet as the weird kid in the back of the room who never says anything all semester and then does an interpretative dance as his final exam (real life stories from the University of Florida Linguistics program).

  • Avocado + Ezekiel bread + sunflower seeds + cheese
  • Cheese sticks (organic) + cut fruit
  • Banana + almond butter (squeeze pack – Justin’s)
  • Siggi’s yogurt + chia seeds + tangerines
  • Hummus + cucumbers
  • Almonds + goji berries
  • Organic turkey on Ezekiel bread + tomato, cucumber, hummus, mustard, turmeric, and avocado
  • Hard-boiled organic eggs
  • RX Bar / Essence bar [link here] + cut fruit
  • Peaches + organic cottage cheese
  • Smoothie: Zumba SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE protein powder + almond milk + banana + cinnamon
  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Muffin + almond butter
  • Tuna made with avocado as mayonnaise + grapes
  • Organic turkey rolled up with organic cheese slices + plums
  • Amy’s pumpkin soup + Mary’s Gone Crackers

Essentially Yours,