How to Own the Morning Nutrition Game


I have this fabulous tee shirt with Snoopy wailing, “Je deteste le matin” (French for: I hate the mornings.) Some folks spring out of bed chirping like a songbird. These people should probably all go live together on an island.

For the rest of us, it’s easy to grab a sugar-laden granola bar and a drive-thru diabetes latte (you know which ones I’m talking about – the ones that taste like diabetes) and grumble through the AM.

I always have to address clients’ morning routine. This is where you set the stage for your day. A sucky breakfast = a sucky lunch = a sucky dinner = a sad client.

Here’s how to own the morning and set a beautiful intention for an #essenceapproved day:

  1. Gulp. You haven’t drank anything for multiple hours; you’re dehydrated! Sip a FULL glass (or two) of water while you primp. Bonus points if you muddle fresh mint/lemon in there. Overachiever.
  2. If you’re a morning exerciser, this is the time to be SO thankful that you ALREADY laid out your gym clothes the NIGHT BEFORE! Slap ‘em on, and call your Uber.
  3. If you’re one of those people who claims nausea if you eat before exercising, fine. Have AT LEAST half a piece of fruit to give your body the energy it needs to exercise. No fainting goats on my watch.
  4. If, like me, you need an Olympic breakfast before your exercise, have at it. Pair protein, starch, and some good fat. Fruit helps, as well. Need ideas? Holler at me.
  5. During exercise, if you’re prone to boredom while running/walking/gymming (this is why I recommend group fitness!), set yourself up with a podcast, a book from, or an episode of Real Housewives. Whatever. Just don’t shrimp out because you got bored.
  6. Shower after, or, just Europeanify yourself and wipe down with argan oil wipes and some Oribe hair freshener. This is not an ad. I’m just obsessed with Oribe.
  7. Refuel. A lot of us get a little hypoglycemic after working out; have some protein – a yogurt, some nuts, a cottage cheese, a string cheese, etc. BECAUSE YOU PACKED IT IN YOUR BAG, RIGHT?

A little prep, a little pep, and your morning is right as rain.

Essentially Yours,