Beauty and the EATS


As dietitians, we know all the tricks for eating from the INSIDE out (you CAN affect your appearance by what you eat), but we are sadly not trained in topical beauty. It’s easy to overextend your organic fantasies and only buy ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ beauty products, but we’ve harassed, er, talked to our favorite dermatologists and aestheticians enough to know that that, like many #foodmyths, is sadly not the best avenue. We DO support buying cruelty-free products (those that don’t test on animals), and we encourage you to find them in our friends’ online emporium, Though not entirely nutrition-related, here is a list of our favorite beauty finds.

Neocutis Eye Cream
This was a rec from Dr. Jackie Dosal at Skin Associates South Florida. A little goes A LONG way, and I wear this morning and night.

SkinCeuticals SPF 50
This is the ONLY sunscreen I’ve found that doesn’t sting! It has a really neutral tone that actually acts as my foundation. Pro tip: REAPPLY EVERY 3 HOURS!!

SkinMedica Moisturizer
My glorious aesthetician, Rachel Bolbar of MicroMeMiami, gave me this baby. It’s smooth and not going to make my blackheads erupt like Vesuvius, and the price isn’t whopping like some other moisturizers (lookin’ at you, La Mer)

Aquaphor – for lips
As if Target wasn’t heavenly enough, this VERY standard, healing ointment can go on virtually your entire body. It’s extremely moisturizing, unscented, gentle, and even comes in little lip-appropriate tubes.

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum
Dr. Dosal recommended this for MY skin – so ask her if it’s appropriate for yours! Vitamins C + E are antioxidants, and as I humbly understand it, prevent aging.

Facewash – Alastin
This facewash isn’t toooo creamy or toooo mild

I supermarket swept every drugstore in Japan on my honeymoon for sheet masks. I have ZERO idea if they are good / nefarious but they make for funny insta-story posts and I’d like to think they are doing SOMETHING.

Alastin Serum
This costs a pretty penny, but feels like silk on your skin.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion
CLASSIC. Word on the street is that they prevent pregnancy stretchmarks. Thankfully, that’s not an issue on my radar.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Josie Marin
I travel with this pint-sized baby since I can’t take my full-size one abroad. I dip my ends into it just after the shower.

Monthly Facials with Betsy at Salon LeeLou. She’s French and has a PhD. Quelques questions?

Clear and Brilliant + IPL
Drs. Green and Dosal are LORDS OF THE LASERS. These won’t leave you looking like a burn victim. They’re mild and formulated just for ‘younger’ skin – aka us gals in our 20s/30s.

Like what you see? Shop ‘em all in the Amazon Essence Shoppe. We just like the word ‘shoppe’ because it sounds medieval and fancy.

Essentially Yours,
The Essence Team