Defeat Your Cravings With An #ESSENCEAPPROVED Lozenge!

Sugar cravings feel downright dictatorial. They toss you up out of bed at night and into the kitchen. They make you creep out of your office at 4 PM into the pantry and rummage in the candy drawer. They make you play REALLY bizarre mind games with yourself (“I’ll just have ½ the cookie. Wait. Should I have the whole one? Should I make a Paleo cookie? Why do I want this cookie? Why does ‘rookie’ rhyme with ‘cookie’?”..and other thoughts). Cravings happen. They’re not a sign of weakness. They’re not a character flaw. They’re physiological fused with psychological. You CAN work through them. As dietitians along with our new Mind-Body therapists, we are downright bubbling over with our enthusiasm to teach you therapeutic coping methods for craving like Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, Mindfulness-based Meditation, and more.

HOWEVER; sometimes, there are #essenceemergencies and we need to employ tangible tools to facilitate our long-term mind-body craving control approach. Since cravings are partly PHYSIOLOGICAL in nature, what if we could clamp the physiological magnetism of a craving so we could focus on the psychological aspect? We can. A simple lozenge on the tongue can block sweet taste receptors and suppress the need for sweet. Introducing, SweetDefeat. The gymnema sylvestre leaf has been used for centuries by ancient cultures for its ability to block sweet receptors that cause sugar cravings – #vintage. It works synergistically with zinc to block sugar-receiving taste buds on the tongue with a minty finish to refresh your senses. Physical sensation of “I NEED SUGAR” turns off, mental sensation of “Let me work through this cognitively and mindfully” turns ON. Now, you can skip the dessert you don’t even truly WANT, intuitively, or better yet – feel satisfied and content with just one bite. You can curb that ‘I need something sweet after every meal’ mentality. You can get ON with your life!

But like, science, right? To quote a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology….
“In a double-blind experiment with 67 adults, participants were offered their favorite candy and then consumed one standardized serving, rated candy pleasantness along with desire for more candy, and were randomly assigned to consume a gymnema lozenge or placebo lozenge. They subsequently completed candy desire ratings and were offered additional candy servings, one at a time. If an offering was accepted, it was consumed, pleasantness and desire ratings were reported, and another serving was offered.

The gymnema lozenge versus the placebo produced a 31% reduction in participants who chose to eat the first candy offering after the gymnema lozenge dosing and produced a 44% reduction in total candy intake. The gymnema lozenge reduced candy consumption and desire for candy, providing novel evidence that blockade of sweet taste receptors reduces desire for sweet food, even before the food is tasted after gymnema dosing.”

So in ESSENCE (ha), this little lozenge WORKS. We encourage you to fuse this tool into your mindfulness practice and enjoy decreased sugar intake as a result.

For us, we tried it after a smorgasbord Friday night Shabbat meal. If you’re unfamiliar with Shabbat, it tends to be a bountiful feast laden eaten family style with various courses. Dessert is often served, but by the time it appears, you’re as stuffed as a kosher cow and INTUITIVELY should NOT be eating dessert, but oftentimes overindulge because it appears so tantalizing and hello – it’s THERE! There’s also a lot of peer pressure to eat it from family members. At the cessation of the meal, we popped a SweetDefeat. Out came the carrot cake. We took a bite. It tasted like a bland sponge. Alas – the lozenge had tricked our tastebuds into knowing something we rationally in our brains already knew – we weren’t hungry! We didn’t NEED dessert! This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t ever have dessert at Shabbat – that would be deprivation and too regulated. But the reality is, we often don’t even need it, and this little lozenge can help our minds catch up with our eyes and realize this. Guess we’ll be stashing these in our in-laws’ cabinets lest the ‘leave no dessert behind’ attitude emerges again. The sensation wore off after a few hours, by which time I was tucked into bed having avoided a mindless / unintuitive eating experience.

We double dare you to try it. Use promo code ESSENCE50 at checkout for a SWEET discount. Shop here.

Source: Journal of Psychopharmacology

This post sponsored by: Sweet Defeat