Wellness Wonders

Healthy colleagues are happy colleagues! Essence Dietitians are here to help your staff avoid feeling sluggish post-lunch.

office-wellness-essence-nutritionEssence Nutrition is pleased to offer several corporate nutrition options to choose from which can be selected a la carte or as a package to benefit your team members. Workplace wellness programs with a nutrition consultant can generate major savings: according to a study in Health Affairs (Baiker, Cutler, Song) medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent. Employee satisfaction is also enhanced when employees are made to feel like their employers are investing energy into their nutrition needs.

As an added plus, healthier employees tend to be happier, more productive employees. When was the last time you got a whole lot accomplished on a sick day? Didn’t think so. By implementing a health and wellness plan into your company culture, you’ll likely seen an increase in productivity while noticing a decrease in empty desks.

Packages include:

  • Workshops/Seminars, often presented as “Lunch and Learns” or “Evening Talks” wherein employees gather for a PowerPoint presentation with me as a single session or a workshop series that builds on itself. I recommend catering for employees with Cold Pressed Raw vegan kitchen in order to showcase the benefits and delicious taste of treating vegan food as an occasional cuisine and not necessarily a lifestyle choice.
    Workshops are made relevant to work/life balance with titles like “Taking Stock of Your Nutrition Portfolio”, “Our Grocery Stores, Our Kitchens, Ourselves” and “Nibble While You Work.” They are enriching, entertaining, fun, and participatory.

    Seminars can also be tailored to religious groups, community organizations, or interest groups. For instance, “Nutrition and Judaism”, “Women’s Nutrition”, “Blossoming into Springtime Nutrition”, “Mind/Body Nutrition” or “Spring/Summertime Nutrition Slimdown” have been topics presented in the past.

  • Individual Client Nutrition Consults, wherein each employee receives a 20 or 30 minutes nutrition consultation with me at your office. This usually entails something like 5 days for 5 hours per day, once per month. Each employee will receive a detailed nutrition assessment and evidence-based recommendations based on their medical, nutrition, diet, social, cultural, and financial history.
  • Company Meal Plans, wherein I create a healthy eating meal plan (1 – 6 week options) to be distributed to your employees with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options outlined in detail per day, complete with recipes, ingredients, and a master grocery shopping list.

Pricing is based on which items are selected, quantity, time, and number of employees. Discounts are applied based on higher quantities of all of the three elements.