Happy, Healthy Clients

“Monica is a unique and rare find. If you have crossed paths with her and her business, consider yourself BLESSED! This girl is an extremely bold, candid, vivacious, and straightforward woman who will give you the knowledge and support that you seek, in the most efficient and effective manner possible. It’s no wonder that she is quite “hot” right now in the Miami community. From consulting for professional sports teams to some of the best restaurants, juice bars, and establishments, and coaching, the word of her craft is quickly spreading. So catch this butterfly, while you can!”

Noura S., owner of Noura Knows Best

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“I am so happy I went to Essence Nutrition. Monica is so knowledgeable, energetic and efficient! She has great ideas to help me with my goals and the information she has given me makes this process very attainable. Thank you Monica.”

Dawn J., Private Client

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“Monica and Essence Nutrition have re-framed the way I look at, think and feel about food. The process of changing my eating habits has been much easier than I ever could have anticipated, thanks to Monica’s unbelievable support and guidance. Because of Essence, I am on my way to becoming the healthiest version of myself. Thanks, Monica!!”

Hayley H., Private Client

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“We truly enjoyed learning new eating alternatives in our visit to your office. We feel inspired by having visited your Essence Nutrition office where we learned a lot of new alternatives to eat healthier. THANK YOU.”

Mike L., Private Client

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“I am so thankful for all of your expertise, guidance and help. You have truly made a difference in my mom’s health and because of you I hired a chef. It’s a game changer all the way around, my mom gets nutritious meals and has gained weight, [her aide] is much less stressed and happier and I am relieved my mom is doing well.”

Melissa A., Private Client

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“I feel that Monica has a lot of energy and knowledge of local market healthy options so I learn at her office about best options found in the USA for eating healthy. She also pushes me to exercise and keep active.”

Ana H., Private Client

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“I just want to thank you. I woke up today, went to Barre which I love, made a smoothie, and realized that I have nothing that is disgusting in my pantry right now. I definitely have been living a much healthier life because of your newsletter and videos. So thank you. I really appreciate it.”

Whitney K., Private Client

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“Monica has been such a bright spot for our family in a time when we truly needed it. She is super knowledgeable and her positivity is infectious. Whether it’s a new recipe or trying a new food, Monica has shown us how every meal can be a healthy and delicious. Best of all she makes you feel so comfortable it’s as if you are spending time with a friend. She has really has been very invested in my son’s well-being and we are so grateful for that.”

Dina M., Private Client

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“I’ve been an Essence patient for 5 months now, and I do not have enough words to describe Monica’s incredible work: she is a true prodigy filled with knowledge, commitment, and passion for what she does. For her, real nutrition is all about health, beauty, balance and wellness in its most holistic and delicious way, leaving absolutely no space for restriction, deprivation, useless calorie counting and all those so feared terms usually attributed to diets! So it does not matter your stage in life or nutritional goals: with Monica’s customized plans, you can be sure that all your expectations will be successfully achieved and you will achieve your best and healthiest version ever – oh, and you will love her sweet Spaniel Madeleine too!”

Mariana B., Private Client

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“To say my life has changed since meeting the team at Essence would be a massive understatement – I’ve lost close to 50 pounds, my food anxiety is completely gone, and I also stumbled into my love of fitness and completely changed careers. If it weren’t for Monica and everyone at Essence Nutrition, I don’t know where I’d be. Forever grateful!!”

Lorin J., Private Client