Pantry Makeover Pack

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1 x Banana bOAT Bar

Tropical superfruits and mighty oats that fight inflammation in your body while you tan outside (with SPF, of course). This is pure banana goodness...


1 x Chick, Please Bar

ChickPEAS lend a savory flavor to this bar o’ bliss. There’s SO many sweet bars out there and sometimes we just want some salty...


1 x Pe-cause You Can Bar

There are no doubts that this very encouraging bar (YOU (PE)CAN DO IT!!) is a taste of the Fall season year round. It’s like...


1 x Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life Bar

The Spice Girls are sadly not producing new material, but we can flashback to the 90s any day with the Essence version of the...


1 x Essence Weight A Minute Food Scale

Weigh liquids, solids, and everything in between with this baby.


1 x Essence Measure Your Life in Love Cups

Let these kitchen measuring cups (1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, ¼ cup) allow you to perfectly portion your almond butter (and millions of other foods) to avoid an accidental overdose of chia seeds, or worse, hemp (scary dramatic music blares).


1 x Essence SMOOTHie Operator Tumbler

A convenient, portable, BPA-free container for your most beloved Essence smoothies and cashew milk lattes <em>*Please note: since this is a BPA-free container, it is delicate, and requires hand-washing. It is not dishwasher nor microwave safe.</em>




1 of each non-edible product (1 food scale, 1 smoothie tumbler, 1 set measuring cups) + 1 bar, each flavor [4 bars]


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