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At Essence, we have packages designed for everyone in every stage of life. Whatever your goals may be, we’re here to help you make those a reality. 



What You Can Expect as an Essence Client

As an Essence client, you will be provided with a personalized lifestyle and nutrition assessment, baseline goal setting, intake/weight/food-driven emotional history, selection of a basal nutrition/exercise Essence Nutrition plan (see our Plans and Packages Menu) and goals tailored to your individual nutrition needs. You will be given access to our electronic portal which you can access 24/7 which allows you to track your food intake/weight/sleep patterns/exercise with multiple analyses tools and graphs. You will also have access to messaging our Essence dietitians via a secure portal where we can send each other send messages, pictures, files, and uploads. Ever wonder what you should eat for dinner at a restaurant? Upload the menu – we’ll decide for you!

Progress evaluation, reevaluation of your Essence Nutrition package, review of goals, evaluation of laboratory tests/medical tests, supplement recommendations, discussion about issues/phenomenons that arise during your Essence Nutrition plans will be discussed as we continue our visits. You will also have access to our Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. We can also personalize a Pinterest recipes page just for you!

Curious about what all it entails to become an Essence Client? Check out our FAQ page.



Our Essential Services Include:

Private Nutrition Consultations
Corporate Nutrition Consultations
Pantry Makeovers
Supermarket Tours
Speaking Engagements
Lunch and Learn Sessions
Media Interviews
Individualized Meal Plan Examples
Motivation & Support Throughout the Process



Essence Nutrition Packages Menu

Specifically-designed nutrition packages for every stage of life.


Nutrition for Weight Management

This package is designed to become your weight management compass. Our programs gently unravel negative food patterns and will build your internal compass to create sustainable healthier habits — and weight loss may actually be a side effect of the metamorphosis. Depending on your unique, nutrient needs we will create a customized package for you to normalize your weight while feeling healthy, energized and full of vitality. Weight management doesn’t imply restriction; it involves nourishing yourself with foods that support your medical nutrition therapy needs and also invite your MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS into your nutrition choices. We will guide you and encourage you to how to make multi-nourishing choices for both body and mind — your true weight will reflect over time. You will learn how to honor your true hunger, fullness, eat mindfully, consciously, and banish guilt, shame, and anxiety surrounding food.

This package is great for:

  • Weight Management
  • Metabolism Calculation
  • Individualized Meal Plan Examples
  • Motivation & Support Throughout the Process
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Nutrition Pre-Conception

Optimization of nutrition status is integral to conception. Pure aims to absolve you of detrimental eating habits resulting in attaining ideal body weight before pregnancy. As we guide you toward a more balanced diet incorporating the principles of mindful and intuitive eating, you will be ready to cultivate a new beginning.

This package is great for:

  • Women who are thinking about conceiving
  • Purifying your diet



Nutrition During Pregnancy

Delicate nutrition for a very special time; the Petals package will allow you and your baby to blossom with a wholesome nutrition plan that nourishes for two. Designed to minimize nausea, excessive weight gain, and risky eating behavior while ensuring optimal nutrient status for mom and baby, Petals addresses the unique needs of pregnancy by incorporating a three phase plan to correspond with your trimesters.

This package is great for:

  • Pregnancy
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Managing pregnancy-related illnesses
  • Ensuring healthy fetal growth and development
  • Gestational diabetes (if applicable)
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Mother With Baby Eating Healthy Meal In Kitchen

Nutrition For Post-Pregnancy

After giving birth, your body still needs nutrients and nourishment. Whether your goal is to lose pregnancy weight or transfer nutrients to your baby through breastfeeding, we will guide you through this important phase.

This package is great for:

  • Post-Pregnancy weight loss
  • Ensuring healthy newborn nutrition and growth
  • Breastfeeding



Nutrition for Children & Adolescents

Designed to accommodate our most precious clients, the Baby Butterflies plan focuses on promoting growth and development within an ideal nutrition framework. As healthy eating habits begin as early as infancy, it is vital to begin your child’s journey through a nutritious lifestyle as early as possible.

This package is great for:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Healthy weight management and nutrition guidelines for children
  • Child athletes
  • Children with medical conditions related to nutrition
  • Ensuring healthy nutrition, growth, and development for children
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General Nutrition and Wellness

Balancing life’s responsibilities can be wearisome. Take the stress of eating nutritiously off your plate with Vitality, designed to attain and maintain healthy eating patterns through eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods. The Vitality plan will allow you to choose the right foods effortlessly and delightfully, to nourish and flourish both you and your family.

This package is great for:

  • How to create healthy eating patterns while living alone
  • How to create healthy eating patterns for you and your family
  • General wellness
  • Purify your diet
  • Rid your diet of junk foods and poor eating habits
  • Personalized meal plans for a healthy weight



Nutrition for Men

Nowadays, most nutrition data is marketed toward women; it can be easy to feel lost as a man navigating the complicated world of nutrition. While taking into consideration your age, lifestyle and goals, we can create a customized nutrition plan. Let us break it down for you and help you reach your nutrition goals.

This package is great for:

  • Men
  • Wellness for men
  • Weight management for men
  • Individualized meal plans for men
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Nutrition for Athletes

As an athlete, we understand it’s hard to fuel yourself, but we know that proper nutrition may affect and enhance performance. With a zest and passion for your sport comes a need for a tailored nutrition plan suited to your training schedule and metabolic demands.

This package is great for:

  • Athletes
  • Dancers
  • Gymnasts
  • Runners



Bridal Nutrition

As you prepare for a wedding, we know you want everything to seamlessly fall into place. You’ve got the man, the venue, the dress, and we are here to help you look as radiant as possible. Our bridal nutrition package, Blush, provides you with more regimented guidelines to funnel your nutrition and exercise plan into a three month program. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle tone, or simply streamline and purify your diet, Essence dietitians will provide you with the nutrition guidance and support you need before your big day.

This package is great for:

  • Future brides
  • Weight loss
  • Toning up
  • Purifying your diet
  • Individualized meal plans

Blush Bridal Nutrition



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Nutrition During Menopause

Menopause is a period to turn inward and nourish yourself during this transitional time. Side effects may be uncomfortable and hormones seemingly uncontrollable, but Blossom will help you control your food, activity intake and expenditure to help make the change smoother.

This package is great for:

  • Women going through menopause
  • Hormonal balance
  • Weight management
  • Stress and anxiety management during menopause



Diabetes Management

Whether it’s Type I or Type II, diabetes commands a well-outlined nutrition plan in order to rein in your blood sugars, prevent hyper/hypoglycemia, and minimize comorbidities associated with diabetes.

This package is great for:

  • Type I and II diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Reactive hypoglycemia
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Diabetic gastroparesis
Diabetes, control diabetes and proper nutrition



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Nutrition for Inflammatory Conditions

Though inflammatory pathways in the body can be debilitating, Soothe seeks to calm the organ systems susceptible to exacerbations of multiple related conditions. The plan relies on the tenets of an anti-inflammatory diet complete with herbal supplements to down-regulate the body’s response and allow you to feel your best.

This package is great for:

  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Gluten intolerance



Nutrition + Genetic & Metabolic Testing

A cutting edge saliva test which tests 45 genes related to nutrition and health and reports how your DNA allows you to metabolize certain nutrients. This will greatly guide and target our nutrition therapy work together and maximize your wellness therapy. PLUS, Essence Nutrition is a licensed provider for the Nutrigenomix 45 gene personalized nutrition assessment test. This company is ONLY available exclusively to registered dietitians – the nutrition experts. It’s as simple as spitting in a test tube and you’ll receive a comprehensive report that will have you EAT according to your GENES; such as how well you metabolize carbohydrates, fats, proteins, gluten, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and many more. Nutritional genetic therapy is the forefront of today’s movement toward customized genetic health plans.

This package offers:

  • A comprehensive report on your DNA
  • A DNA-specific plan for optimizing your health

See more at www.nutrigenomix.com

nutrigenomix genetic testing



Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

An innovative and evidence-based test via Cell Science Systems for those extremely committed to identifying potential food triggers of inflammation. We arrange for a blood draw at your home or office (no fasting NOR exposure to any of the antigens is necessary) and you can receive a comprehensive list of 397 potential ingredients and foods and your personalized sensitivity to them. We’ll go over the results with you and design your eating plan and protocol designed to liberalize your access to food and nutrients while minimizing inflammation and symptoms via a systematic reintroduction of reactive items.

Your consultation includes your list of safe foods and reactive foods all mapped out on an easy-to-understand, color-coded chart to guide us.



Nutrition for Gastrointestinal Disorders

All Essence RDs have at least one year experience working in hospitals alongside elite physicians and cared often for patients with gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcertative Colitis, SIBO, Celiac Disease, Short Gut Syndrome, post-oncological patients with GI involvement, and more. We work within the realm of evidence-based medicine to ameliorate symptoms and heal the gut as much as possible as part of our interdisciplinary team.



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Corporate Nutrition

Our team is well trained and experienced in public speaking as well as presentations to corporate clients. We know that your company’s time and workforce equates to money and if your staff isn’t well-nourished, productivity can suffer. Essence’s Wellness Wonders nutrition package series encompasses a series of “lunch and learn” seminars complete with PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and one-on-one nutrition counseling for your employees. This allows your company to thrive in the competitive workplace to produce happier and healthier staff.

This package is offers:

  • One on one consultations with your employees
  • Learning how to create healthy eating patterns, meal ideas, snack ideas, and food storage at work
  • Choose from an arsenal of varied nutrition presentations and handouts or have us create customized nutrition presentations for your employees as an individual session or series
  • Cooking demonstrations for/with your employees
  • Consultation for your office pantry, break room, or kitchen resulting in strategies for improvement



Restaurant/Menu Consulting

Essence Nutrition is pleased to offer restaurant nutrition consulting services as well. There is tremendous pressure for restaurant establishments to accommodate guest demands for nutrition while dining out. Investing in a dietitian in order to build menus that offer healthy options, cater to dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free, raw, dairy-free, accommodating diabetics, pregnant women, Paleo diets, etc.), and still taste delicious allows organizations to fulfill and stay one step ahead of the dynamic consumer demand landscape. Many states are even moving toward mandatory nutrition fact labeling on menus.

This package offers:

  • Menu creation
  • Menu consultation
  • Menu analysis



Publicity Purification

Media Services

Essence Nutrition is committed to instilling a love and passion for nutrition and wellness by engaging the community. Essence Nutrition has been featured in various news and media outlets and would relish the opportunity for media appearances, features, interviews, and more below.

We offer:

  • Food event hosting
  • Branded TV and radio segments
  • YouTube video development, production and promotion
  • Recipe development
  • Influencer event hosting
  • Multimedia resource development
  • Spokesperson opportunities
  • Guest blogging
  • Editorial writing and contributions
  • Press release consulting
  • Branded blog content
  • Media interviews and tours including TV, radio, print and online
  • Social media event hosting and sharing
  • Public speaking and presentations for a variety of audiences, from corporate wellness to academic



Dietitian to Dietitian Consulting

Starting a business, brand, or private practice can be daunting and discouraging. As nutrition professionals, we don’t receive sufficient business courses in our education curriculums, and navigating the business/marketing world as a private practice nutrition professional can be a nightmare. My consulting services for other dietitians and nutrition professionals can be a welcome facilitation into this world.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • set up your nutrition business
  • manage your books/accounting
  • counsel and provide services
  • cope with issues and form strategies for your nutrition counseling
  • discuss potential other revenue-generating lines
  • market and brand yourself
  • form your vision/mission
  • connect you with all those who helped me form Essence (everyone from designers to PR strategists to lawyers) and make your brand into a nutrition force! This service is done hourly and will be done with you and me, and whomever we choose to enhance your nutrition brand!



Virtual Essence Nutrition On Demand

Essence On Demand

Virtual Nutrition Services

Want all the perks of working with a dietitian but don’t want to fuss with appointments? Opt into the ESSENCE ON DEMAND program. Log your meals in an easy desktop or mobile app with immediate dietitian feedback. Just you and me on your own time. Ask all your burning nutrition questions (even the ones you might be embarrassed about; yep, we know you’re wondering if your coconut oil lotion has calories), and get all the Essence knowledge, and support and love you DESERVE!
Includes 24/7 feedback and analysis of menus dining out on demand, ability to ask any and all questions, recipe suggestions, etc.
To enroll, e-mail hello@essencenutritionmiami.com



The Essence Cocoon

Customized, Concierge Meal Planner Service

WELCOME TO THE COCOON: AN INCUBATOR FOR NUTRITION METAMORPHOSIS! Not all Essence Butterflies require one-on-one dietitian coaching, although that would greatly target and streamline your Essence Nutrition journey! If you’re someone who just wants it ALL LAID OUT, easy peasy, with a great deal of structure, direction, and a game plan – read on.
Transform your health with exclusive recipes, wellness tips, monthly nutrition challenges, enriching community support, all digitally and delivered right to your inbox. JOIN THE ESSENCE BUTTERFLY COCOON.

concierge meal plan service