Why Invest in a Dietitian?

Dietitians are THE nutrition experts. NOBODY ELSE!



4 Years of Undergraduate and/or 2-3 Years of Graduate
Education at an Accredited Institution
Online, often Instant Certification, 0 Undergraduate or
Graduate Education Required
1,200 Hours of Supervised Practice 0 Hours of Supervised Practice
Published, Peer-Reviewed Research No Required Published Research
Earn at least 75 Hours of Continuing
Education Units (CEUs) every five years
No Required Continuing Education
Focus on Science, not Sales Focus on Sales, not Science

What Makes Essence Unique?

Our individualized, mindful, non-gimmicky approach. We also serve as a resource outside of your doctors’ care.

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Effects of customized nutrition care on YOU

• Weight loss or weight normalization
• Increased energy
• Better integrity of skin, hair, nails
• Increased fitness
• Loss of body fat
• Better sleep
• Better sex drive
• Better pregnancy outcomes
• Decreased anxiety
• Better immune system
• Better health, overall
• Increased well-being

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Effects of customized nutrition care on YOUR FAMILY

• Less visits to the doctor
• Wholesome, nourishing meals and recipes
• A perfect pantry
• Happy children
• Family exercise increasing bonding
• Less stress and anxiety
• Less “food fights” with children

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Effects of customized nutrition care on YOUR COMPANY

• Employee satisfaction
• Increased employee productivity
• More skilled workers
• More attractive recruitment for talent
• Insurance reimbursement
• Lowered healthcare costs
• Less sick days/absenteeism
• Employee satisfaction
• Increased employee camaraderie
• Executives inspiring employees

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Investing in a dietitian will SAVE YOU MONEY when you invest in CUSTOMIZED nutrition care, not GIMMICKY products:

Hair Highlights: $1200.00
Boutique Gym Membership: $2400.00
Juice Cleanse, once a month $1200.00
Personal Trainer, 3x/week $15,000
Leading tier marketing herb powder: $1200.00
Leading protein shake program: $1560.00
A healthcare professional who creates tailored advice JUST for you: AS LOW AS $50.00 per MONTH!

*all prices are estimates
*prices per year

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Still not convinced?
But how do clients love thee? Let us count the ways #humblebrags…

Here’s why working with an Essence dietitian will change your life!

• Essence RDs have PERSONALITY. This is Miami, after all. We have that SPICE. We aren’t boring white coat types. We are as bubbly as champagne. We’ll get you as excited about food as we are!

• We are anything but being preachy/judgy; we are TOTALLY relatable! We want to take the pressure off you and offer kindness, not harshness. Especially when you “confess” food mess-ups to us (spoiler alert: those don’t exist!)

• We don’t set time limits like, YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT BY OCTOBER 3rd. We tell people that this #essencebutterfly experience is a process/journey and that you have your whole life to make your health better, yes but we have to set a PACE now, not a RIGID SCHEDULE

• We train you how to eat MINDFULLY and INTUITIVELY; so you can enjoy and love food; not vilify it

• We allowing people to have FAT in their diets! So many people grew up with ‘fat-free’ everything; we seek to free you from that big FAT lie

• We often allow for a ‘celebration meal’ (NOT A CHEAT MEAL!!!WE HATE THAT WORD!!!) where they can indulge in their most favoritest meal (not a word, but we dig it), at a pace set by the CLIENT, not US!

• We keeping you accountable and motivated with easy peasy 30 minute virtual sessions; even while you commute to/from work (so much more exciting than NPR!)

• We are one of the only practices to offer GENETIC TESTING and ANTIOXIDANT TESTING!

• We actually steer you AWAY from expensive supplements; you better PROVE you need them and that you’re willing to make a lifestyle change before we shower you with pills!

• Our concierge 24/7 service; this is an opt-in service with no counseling sessions needed! We offer the ability for clients to log meals in real time wherein we can comment.

• The ease and delight of working with us, in general. We respond to everything in laser time, we are extremely organized [some may say ‘pathologically’ so], and professional!

Ask any Essence client about their experience. You’ll see the proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding; working with Monica is like working with a relatable, fun, nutrition guru who gets you to where you want to be with your nutrition in a seamless way.