May the (July) 4th Be With You


AMERICA IS THE BEST. USA. USA. No really, it is. We’ve traveled a lot. We have some things to improve upon in this nation, yes, but let’s CELEBRATE July 4th and that we live in a country with SUPER TARGET!!!!

Anyhoo, it’s REAL easy to hot dog eating contest yourself into July 5th, but… let’s not. Do your 4th thang the #essenceapproved way, and Uncle Sam will thank you. But will still make you pay taxes. Ugh.

Feel red, white, and blueish (but I’m Jewish!) this holiday with:
STRAWBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, AND BANANAS (from Del Monte Fresh, my homies). Pinterest housewives have created extremely complex ways to arrange fruits. We know one of them has jazzed it up with these three. All fruits are #essenceapproved so, please, make American flags out of these three fruit-tastic fruits and tag us on Instagram.

Sip on:
1) Not USA haterade and 2) #essenceapproved cocktails! Holler at some crushed watermelon (hello, lycopene and Vitamin C!) and mix with club soda, mint, and 1.5 oz vodka. Portion control, peeps.

Watermelon CAKE CAKE CAKE:
Greek yogurt whipped with honey and cinnamon = THE BEST FROSTING. Make a watermelon ‘cake’ by peeling a watermelon and somehow, gracefully (again, need a Pinterest housewife here) into a spherical shape. Dip a spatula in your greek yogurt whip dip and dress that watermelon up in frosting. Top with hulled strawberries.

#essenceapproved burger bash:
We are FINE with grass-fed beef, bison, venison, or lamb! Slam your patty onto an Ezekiel bun, fill it up with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sauerkraut (probiotics!!), red peppers, green peppers, half-sour pickles (more probiotics!) and mustard (ketchup = all sugar). Serve with paprika and black pepper spiced sweet potato wedges (oven-baked, of course).

Yeah, there’s no #essenceapproved substitute for a hot dog. That ‘ish is just radioactive and bizarre.

Become a BAB-le head. Kebabs, that is.
Stick ALL THE VEGGIES (eggplant, zucchihin, peppers, onions) on a skewer and of course, your organic chicken (spiced with turmeric as well). Grill ‘em up.

Have your salad make a splash.
Iceberg lettuce? Lame. Massage (SO important to break down the enzymes that make greens bitter) kale and arugula with a dressing you whipped up that has olive oil, apple cider vinegar, some maple syrup, cayenne, mustard seed, and organic white miso paste. Slice up organic mushrooms, scallions, hearts of palm, avocado, and sunflower seeds.

Crudite? Crudi-YAY!
Serve celery two ways:
Savory: make a dip using Greek yogurt and sauteed onions; mix those babies up with some sea salt.
Sweet: Serve stuffed lmond or sunflower seed butter and sweetened with cinnamon + topped with some chia seeds.

We’re off to take pictures of our dogs wearing American flag sunglasses.

Essentially Yours,
The Essence Dietitian Team