Best In Class: Silent Snacks

As someone who was perpetually a student (at least, it felt like it) and who now serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, it compels me to tell you that I was/am a MASTER at eating in class.

Miami’s Dream Team

Ain’t nobody got time to cook every night. I pride myself on cultivating relationships (Read: harassing) owners of local wholesome eateries to provide a) food for my hungry self and b) food for my clients’ varying palates. The following is a compiled list of my cherished Miami haunts for good, clean eats. If you see something I missed, please let me know, and please deliver me their food ASAP for “research” purposes.

Sweetheart Potato Slides

You’ll Need: 1 sweet potato, boiled, halved 1 4 oz container Kite Hill almond milk PLAIN yogurt OR 4 oz part-skim organic ricotta cheese…

Turkey Scramble

Ingredients: 3 oz organic deli turkey, pastrami-flavored Black pepper; fresh ground Cayenne pepper, dash Paprika, dash Nutritional yeast, dash ¼ cup fresh avocado, diced…